About Us

Who we are
The team at Topline (Member Name) share a wealth of experience in hardware and DIY, and enjoy sharing this knowledge with our customers. Our members of staff have spent their working lives in the hardware business and complement each other in their individual departments.

What we do
Whatever your requirements, be it a new build, an extension to your home or office, or some work in your garden, we will do everything in our power to make your job easier. We have a fully stocked builder’s yard for all your contract requirements. Our retail department includes stoves, doors, floors, paint, shower enclosures, housewares, tools, electrical appliances, and a gardening centre. We offer useful services including delivery, paint mixing and free quotations.

The Topline Group

We believe that becoming part of Ireland’s largest DIY buying group has contributed to the survival of our business during the recent difficult times. The buying power of the 150 plus Topline member stores nationwide is what enables us to compete with other domestic and indeed international chains. We offer our customers competitive prices, better friendly service and a welcoming shopping environment.